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CustomsClear (CC) is a state-of-the-art platform for those who seek knowledge and for those who want to share it.

Our mission is to provide everyone in the global supply chain with easy access to the knowledge needed to ensure the smooth, compliant and sustainable movement of goods across customs-controlled borders.

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CC Knowledge Hub

Stay on top of the news, broaden and deepen your knowledge of customs and trade compliance to manage the risks and make the most of all the legal benefits for your business.

- Access to 1900+ Articles and Videos
- New, up-to-date content every week
- Customs Compliance & Risk Management Journal in PDF format, bi-monthly

Subscription plans for every budget - from 35 €/mo!

"We subscribe to CustomsClear because it addresses issues relevant to our work. Sometimes we don't even think there is room for improvement until we read an article. The knowledge provided also helps us, for example, to prepare for the customs audit, to classify goods."

Giedra Vrubliauskienė

Customs Accountant,
Hollister Inc., Lithuania

"The details of the course can be overwhelming at times but there are plenty of resources available with the package to allow for comprehensive understanding. The content was engaging and regular testing allowed me to develop my understanding as I progressed throughout the course."

Lewis Maddison

Customs Clearance Executive, George Baker Shipping Ltd., the UK

Certificate Courses

Gain the customs and trade compliance knowledge you need in the most convenient way – online!

- Available 24/7, learn when and where you want
- Keep up your pace and repeat as often as you need it
- Live consultations are available for some courses
- Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the test
- Endorsed by industry leaders and universities

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD programme is perfect for those who want to constantly deepen their knowledge, keep it up to date and establish new contacts for knowledge exchange. The main components of the programme:

Motivating certification system: assignments, feedback, credits
- Guidance is provided by CPD programme leaders
- Self-study based on CustomsClear materials
- Regular meetings and exchange of know-how with peers

“The value of the CPD programme is very clear. The legal environment is highly complex and constantly changing. Not knowing what you're doing means a high risk of non-compliance. What's more, it saves time - learning on your own would take much longer.”

Thomas Knebel

Trade Compliance Officer, Sandvik Group, Sweden

“You are raising the level of the customs landscape and the relevant customs practice.”

Athanassios Pantazis

Pantazis&Associates, Greece

Training & Events

Live knowledge sharing and networking are an indispensable part of an effective learning process. We organise and contribute to:

- Training courses and webinars
- Conferences, e.g. European Customs Practitioners Conference, programme in PDF
- Various other events

Do you have ideas, suggestions or questions about collaboration? You are always welcome to contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is customs and trade compliance knowledge so important?

All goods moving across borders must be declared to customs. Why must this be done? Firstly, customs collect duties and taxes and ensure that only safe goods enter or leave the market (veterinary, phytosanitary, marking and labelling requirements, CITES, export controls, sanctions, embargoes, etc.). But the world of customs is changing. It's no longer just about goods. It's also about the materials they are made from (deforestation, conflict minerals, etc.) and the way they are manufactured (forced labour, carbon emissions, etc.).

Are you not complying with one of the rules? The product is not authorised to enter or leave the market. The supply chain is broken. The customer is lost to a competitor.

On the other hand, post-clearance controls are even more important for customs than controls at the border. For example, companies can import goods for four years and, in the fifth year, discover during a customs audit that a mistake was made in all the customs declarations. This error could cost hundreds of thousands of euros, or even millions, and bankrupt the company. If you're not careful enough, you can't be sure that there isn't a 'time bomb' somewhere in the customs declaration. Thyssenkrupp (UK tribunal decision: Thyssenkrupp Materials v HMRC) had to pay millions because of an inward processing procedure error. Harley-Davidson (CJEU: Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd v European Commission) misdeclared the origin of goods, with an equally costly result. And there are many cases of this kind!

Large companies can't cope with the legal complexities, so what about SMEs that lack the resources… One more fact. Lithuanian Customs stated in their annual report that in 2022, 80% of companies that were audited post-clearance at their premises (there are also other types of customs audits) were non-compliant. On average, a company paid €41,315 in customs duties, taxes, interest and fines per infringement. In total, non-compliant companies paid €31 million.

As the saying goes, "If you think compliance is costly, try non-compliance".

Does CustomsClear's knowledge of customs and trade compliance only apply to the European Union?

Trade is global, you can't plan exports from the EU without taking into account the import requirements in your customer's country and vice versa (as Ronnie van Rooyen notes in an article "You have to start from the experience of the importer and work backwards to the goods to be manufactured, sold and exported").

So, right now, you can already take some courses that are globally relevant (e.g. on customs risk management, Incoterms©, letter of credit) or, for example, UK-specific (on CDS, importing and exporting to/from the UK), and read articles specific to certain countries, e.g. Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA. 

We are constantly developing the knowledge hub (articles, videos, courses) by adding knowledge that is not only relevant to the EU. We also recognise that creating quality knowledge is a long-term process and that business needs to work now - it needs up-to-date knowledge now. That's why we are developing the integration of approved knowledge sources and AI-powered solutions to provide you with the latest information and knowledge on global customs and trade compliance. About every country in your supply chain. In the language you speak.

How will CustomsClear help me find the information I need in the future?

We live in exciting times. Multilingual technology can take your question and search the internet for you and find an answer. Translation technology can translate the answer into the language you speak. ChatGPT-type technologies can compile an answer for you from different sources (indicating the sources so you can verify the information). Finally, artificial intelligence can save you time by analysing your needs and ensuring that you always receive the information that is most relevant to you personally (it's about each individual person, not buyer personas).

No more endless and often pointless searches! Do you have a question about customs and trade compliance in any country in the world? CustomsClear'll give you the answer. Can't understand the “customs’ language”? We'll offer the training course best suited to your needs. And, of course, we'll make sure that your knowledge is constantly updated, for example through continuous professional development programmes.

Of course, this is still a glimpse into a seemingly distant future. But given the pace of change, what is a "distant future"?

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