Knowledge Assessment and Training

How can you make Customs and Trade Compliance a source of real value, rather than a source of constant risk? By ensuring that your staff have the necessary knowledge and skills (even if the turnover rate is quite high).

So, you deal with questions such as: What knowledge is required and what gaps exist? How  can the gaps be filled most effectively? We offer you some tools to help you find answers and also a solution.

Tailored to your

We are here to be part of your project team!

Designed for everyone - quizzes and
training recommendations

Each quiz - 10 questions, up to 5 min. It’s FREE!

Designed for everyone

Here's how to do it. You:

Choose a quiz from the list below and start taking it
Do some research when in doubt (it's learning process in itself!)
Complete the quiz and learn the score - the number of correct answers

If not all answers are correct, we will:

Send you the correct answers to the questions you missed
If you wish, provide you with training recommendations
And answer all your questions, contact us at


Each quiz - 10 questions, up to 5 min. It’s FREE!

Customs risk management

Incoterms 2020

Letter of credit - trade and finance tool


Each quiz - 10 questions, up to 5 min. It’s FREE!

Trade and customs compliance

Customs law

Tariff classification

Customs value

Preferential origin 

Export control

Have fun,
and make the most of it!

Tailored to your business

Would you like to develop a customs and trade compliance knowledge assessment and training content for your company? We are here to be part of your project team!

What we offer 


Tailored knowledge assessment development


Video training and other related content/materials - we can tailor current ones (see catalogues) or develop new ones in collaboration with experts from around the world 


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme to make the most of the training content  -  to deepen knowledge, keep it up to date and share know-how with peers


A knowledge management platform (CustomsClear) and system, see the picture below

Knowledge management
with CustomsClear

1. Assess training needs

2. Learn

3. Deepen the knowledge

4. Keep it up to date

5. Exchange know-how

6. Receive a certificate

7. Find an answer or guidance quickly when needed*
*Technology in development (AI, translation, etc.) 

let's make your customs and trade compliance a source of real value!

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